My favorite pictures

Best of 2011

Here are the pictures I liked best of the pictures I took in the year 2011.

IMG_7512-15.jpg IMG_7598.jpg IMG_7641.jpg IMG_7682.jpg IMG_7795.jpg IMG_7809.jpg IMG_7842.jpg IMG_7940.jpg

Best of 2010

Here are the pictures I liked best of the pictures I took in the year 2010.

IMG_4594.jpg IMG_4831_2_3.jpg IMG_5104.jpg IMG_5715-39.jpg IMG_5987.jpg IMG_6057-104_Pano.jpg IMG_6139-50_Pano.jpg IMG_6215-47_Pano.jpg IMG_6253.jpg IMG_6298.jpg IMG_6324.jpg IMG_6349.jpg IMG_6458.jpg IMG_6680.jpg IMG_6684.jpg IMG_6780.jpg IMG_7100.jpg

Best of 2009

Here are the pictures I liked best of the pictures I took in the year 2009.

IMG_2123.jpg IMG_2257.jpg IMG_2349.jpg IMG_2354.jpg IMG_2729.jpg IMG_2933.jpg IMG_2938.jpg IMG_3022.jpg IMG_3060.jpg IMG_3068.jpg IMG_3097.jpg IMG_3098.jpg IMG_3100.jpg IMG_3130.jpg IMG_3141.jpg IMG_3147.jpg IMG_3177.jpg IMG_3256.jpg IMG_3293.jpg IMG_3310.jpg IMG_3316.jpg IMG_3362.jpg IMG_3427.jpg IMG_3489.jpg IMG_3583.jpg IMG_3619.jpg IMG_3622.jpg IMG_3694.jpg IMG_3728.jpg IMG_3824.jpg IMG_3875.jpg IMG_3886.jpg IMG_3904.jpg IMG_3913.jpg IMG_4069.jpg IMG_4145.jpg IMG_4518.jpg IMG_4527.jpg IMG_4573.jpg

Best of 2008

Here are the nicest pictures I took in 2008.

IMG_0154.jpg IMG_0157.jpg IMG_0163.jpg IMG_0195.jpg IMG_0308.jpg IMG_0360.jpg IMG_0607.jpg IMG_0609.jpg IMG_0625.jpg IMG_0756_57_58_59.jpg IMG_0777.jpg IMG_0810.jpg IMG_0929.jpg IMG_0936.jpg IMG_0939.jpg IMG_1055.jpg IMG_1089.jpg IMG_1102.jpg IMG_1109.jpg IMG_1120.jpg IMG_1123.jpg IMG_1164.jpg IMG_1230.jpg IMG_1235.jpg IMG_1276.jpg IMG_1288.jpg IMG_1373.jpg IMG_1384.jpg IMG_1388.jpg IMG_1391.jpg IMG_1398.jpg IMG_1465.jpg IMG_1611.jpg IMG_1614.jpg IMG_1616.jpg IMG_1616_7_8_tonemapped.jpg IMG_1621.jpg IMG_1623.jpg IMG_1657.jpg IMG_1662.jpg IMG_1673.jpg IMG_1677.jpg IMG_1703.jpg IMG_1706.jpg IMG_1721.jpg IMG_2003.jpg IMG_2008.jpg IMG_2015.jpg IMG_2029.jpg IMG_2038.jpg IMG_2041.jpg IMG_2048.jpg

private photo projects

Here are photo collection which are only accessible to friends and family. All the pages are protected by username and passwords.

Workshop on Functional Nanomaterials

Photos from the Sino-German "Workshop on Functional Nanomaterials" which took place 2nd - 5th Sept. 2011 in Beijing.

SCoPE Volleyball Tournament 2010

Photos of the 2010 Stuttgart Research Center of Photonic Engineering Volleyball Tournament.


Photos from the BBQ in May 2010.

New Year's Eve

Photos I took at New Year's Eve 2009.

Skiing in Schruns

Photos I took when I was skiing in Schruns with friends.

Skiing in Zauchensee

Photos I took on a skiing holiday in Zauchensee

Weekend with the family

Photos taken on a hiking weekend end of october 2008.


Pictures taking during the StuttgartNacht 2008.


Pictures taken during a fireworks festival near Stuttgart.

Lake Konstanz 2008

Photos taken during a weekend trip to Lake Konstanz.

Wine hike 2007

Photos taken during the wine hike on May 1st, 2007.