Jens' Bookmark Page

Companies for normal Optics

icon ThorLabs
good value for money optics
icon Edmund Optics
a good alternative to ThorLabs
icon Laser 2000
more expensive but they are very helpful if you are looking for something special
icon Laser Components
more expensive but they are very helpful if you are looking for something special
icon Linos
all sorts of standard optics
Melles Griot
very big catalog with standard components

Companies for IR-Optics

icon ISP Optics
produce custom IR Optics
icl International Crystal Laboratories
nice overview over materials
icon II-VI Infrared
mainly CO₂ Optics
icon DayOptics
Chinese company offering many different crystals at very good prices
Chinese company
Davin Catalogue
all kinds of optics, known for their mirror objectives
Korth Kristalle GmbH
sell all kinds of exotic materials, the homepage contains detailed information about these materials

Companies for Detectors

icon Hamamatsu
broad spectrum of detectors
Judson Technologies
high performance IR detectors, Laser Components is their German distributor
icon FEMTO
mainly low noise amplifiers, but they also started a product line of photo-receivers; give them a call, they are very good in customizing their products to your needs

Companies for Fiber Optics

icon IRphotonics
mainly specialized in Fiber Optics; have a material to produce moldable UV to mid-IR Optics; MG Optical Solutions is their german distributor
Crystal Fibre A/S
designs, manufactures and markets photonic crystal fibers (PCFs)


icon Standa
good value for money; they can even adjust some of their products to your special needs
icon Newport
Opto-Mechanics and more


all kinds of gearboxes, gear-wheels, threaded spindles, ...

Laser Sources

icon Coherent
very good quality lasers
Del Mar Photonics
have a cheap femtosecond Ti:Sa system

AFM Tips

NanoAndMore GmbH
offer a large range of different tips for atomic force microscopy

Search Engines

icon GlobalSpec
an engeneering search engine, specify your needs and you get a list of companies; if you are a registered user, the companies sometimes contact you when you looked at their profile